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iskooB is the only place in the world, where readers and enthusiasts can experience a new interaction with the protagonists and characters of the books they have just read.
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Choose your book, they are all potential best sellers, debut works created with passion by talented emerging authors chosen to offer you some pleasant time reading.

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Let the characters fascinate you, carry you into their world, wander with them, read them and meet them… It will be easy to fall in love with them. They have turned “live” just for you.


Speak with the Characters

Do you like the characters of the book you have just read? You can speak to them directly and continue the adventure, in an interactive and unique experience which will give you a protagonist role.

I am Martin

You may have read of my misadventures somewhere. Joe Blow has recorded them in a book called “Martin and his bad luck”. Fortunately it is over, but not all of it. Now I have to spend my time here talking with you. It’s not that I don’t like it, in fact what else can I do waiting for Joe Blow to write some other book.

Only writers who are “not yet famous”

Have you ever given up buying a book because it cost too much? It could be that Italians read less than other European nations, but in our opinion this is not true.

We have taken on the task of spreading and facilitating the approach to reading, both proposing beautiful books and thinking about the reader’s economic possibilities.

For this reason, we have decided to sell only the non-famous ones. We want to contribute to an increase in book sales and the diffusion of reading.

Our thought is this: enough with the usually known, now is the time of the not yet famous

Books full of protagonists with whom to speak

We reiterate it, writers "not yet famous"

We like to give space to those who want to talk, express themselves and are working to establish themselves on the editorial scene. We like to dedicate our time and energy to all the writers who are committed to producing ever more beautiful works that appear on the market for the first time. For this, on iskooB, you will only find works by not yet famous passionates, who dedicate part of their time to the readers, continuing to give life to their protagonists outside the pages of the book.

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Protagonists who fascinate and take you away

On iskooB the reader can ask his favourite protagonist everything he wants, so that he can discover things that have not been described in the book, he will also be able to suggest future developments that the writer can and will surely appreciate.
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Some of the BOOK SHOP titles

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Flavio Artusi

Perfect lives

leonora’s life is perfect: she is happy, beautiful and young. Andrea, a drug dealer, loves her madly and makes her life a romance. Also the pharmacist Giancarlo has everything: a beautiful wife, two children and a well-to-do life. The perfect lives of Giancarlo and Eleonora intersect, giving life to a grim comedy of film like misunderstandings, proving that no one is ever truly innocent.

Anna Bar

Roxy In Search of the Perfect Gift

Roxana Martini is a young English teacher and lives with her boyfriend Alessandro in Spagna Square (Spanish Steps) in Rome. In order not to make the same mistake of the previous year, Roxy devises a plan to find the perfect gift for the birthday of her perfect man. But not everything can be planned. She will find unexpected obstacles, will she be able to find her perfect gift in time? And then will Alex like it?

Lidia Are Caverni

The Song of the Wanderer

The Song of the Wanderer
We were not at twilight
we used to like light
the illusory perfection
that light nebula
transported by other planets
Then the soul came to us
we could dive into the abyss
in the liquid essence that gave peace.

Gerardo Iaccarino

The Face Collector

Sermonti, father, mother and their four children reached the villa seizing their old uncle’s legacy. They seemed rather sleazy and lacking manners, in short I didn’t like them from the start, none of them, except one… It was just the person I was looking for, I would have never dreamt of being so lucky. Who is concealed behind these words? What is going to happen at villa Sermonti?

Salvatore Romano

Soul of Gitana

The sound of lips kissing in the alley of the Lovers, of shots of a firing squad. The sound of the slow trickle of time flowing and rewinding, cyclical, bringing to light old and new loves, lost and never forgotten emotions, the sweetness of the first kiss and the pain of loss.

Luca Pinna

Racconti Rasati e Sfumati

Una raccolta di undici quadretti che vanno dal giuramento del buon cerusico alla folle richiesta di un cliente di far tosare il proprio cagnolino, lo scontro fra il barbiere e un saccente avvocato, la vendetta nei confronti di un amministratore di condominio truffaldino e l’opportunità di fare la barba al Presidente della Repubblica. Uno spassoso ritratto di spudorati pettegolezzi, rivalità professionali e sfoghi di mariti esauriti.

iskoob live

Talk to the protagonists

Our world novelty, only here on iskooB you can continue the adventure once you have finished reading your book, only here you can talk with the protagonists of the book you just read. Do you want to give him advice? Did not you understand a choice of the protagonist? With iskooB your “friends” will answer you, they will live for you and you will continue to live the story with them.







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